Dear Colleagues,

Today's scientific advances in medicine, continues to increase exponentially by the power of technological advances. Psychiatry is naturally affected by this change. Advances in genetics and neuroscience studies are frustrating beyond the ordinary and has led to many new research questions. As being the period of progressing rapidly in development and neuroplasticity, childhood and adolescence is seen very important and hold under the microscope in terms of more common measures and preventive psychiatry. In addition, diagnostic methods and categories used so far in children and adolescents are criticized, new therapeutic modalities are tried to be created by the principle of "primum non nocere"

To keep track of innovations and renewals in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry , we invite you to Izmir, the cradle of civilizations, East of West and West of East where the life begins but never ends, We wish to be together under this beautiful atmosphere and invite you to our congress on 13-16 April 2016.


                COCHAIR                                                                                  COCHAIR 

Prof. Dr.Eyüp Sabri Ercan                                             Prof. Dr. Neslihan İnal Emiroğlu